OH DEER – Not again! You can meet deer on the road at any time of the year. October through December, however, is their breeding season, so the probability of an unexpected run-in is even higher than usual. A study by the Insurance for Highway Safety estimated that, across the United States as a whole, there are 1.5 million traffic collisions involving deer, causing a total of $1.1 billion in vehicle damage. Since deer to vehicle collisions continue to rise, here’s what to do if the dreaded collision occurs.

  1. Move Your Vehicle Off the Road (If Possible)— If your car is inoperable after the collision, turn on your hazard emergency flashers, and do whatever is necessary to get pulled over to the side of the road. Even if that means contacting the towing company, the first order of business is to remove yourself from any additional hazards involved with oncoming traffic.

  2. Contact the Authorities— This is a critical step you must take after you have struck a deer. Remain calm and contact 911. The operators will know what to do and will dispatch the authorities.

  3. Gather and Submit Documentation— If the collision causes injuries or any vehicle damage, take down detailed notes for your own record. That way there is no trouble when filing a claim with your insurance agency afterwards. If possible, include pictures, video, and any other evidence at the time of the accident.

  4. Make Sure Your Vehicle is Safe to Drive— If the impact of the deer was major, check for tire damage, shattered windshields, broken headlights, bent mirrors, fluid leakage, etc. before continuing your travels. You don’t want to presume that it’s safe to drive away automatically following a collision with an animal, no matter how minor.

  5. Contact Your Insurance Agent— Here is where your documentation comes into play. If your vehicle sustains damage or injuries occurred, connect your insurance company right away so your agent can process a claim to cover the damages.

  6. Find An Insurance-Approved Body Shop— Enter: Becker Body Shop. Becker Body Shop understands that life doesn’t stop when your car is in for repairs, which is why we offer loaner vehicles to all our customers. That way, you can have peace-of-mind that you will get to where you need to go while the experts at our shop work on your vehicle. We work closely with each area car dealership to provide you with high-quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. This allows us to make sure all auto painting, refinishing, and repair jobs are done to manufacturer warranty specifications. Going through a collision or other auto repairs can be difficult. We take pride in our commitment to helping each customer through the process. Each auto body technician is continually trained on the proper equipment and maintenance procedures, which is why you can feel good about putting your car in our capable hands.

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