At Becker Body Shop, we meet our best customers by accident— For over 50 years, we have served as a leading auto body repair center, and when it comes to collisions some causes are more common than others. While a few accidents are unavoidable, you’d be surprised at how many are. In fact, a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study says that driver error causes 94 percent of car accidents. Here are the five most common causes of collisions that enter our garage doors to consider the next time you get behind the wheel:

1. Distracted Driving—The top cause of motor vehicle accidents in the United States ties to distracted driving, which is defined as any activity that could divert attention from the primary task of driving. Therefore, eating, drinking, switching radio stations, and texting and driving are prime candidates of what not to do. Did you know taking your eyes off the road for more than 2 seconds increases the risk of collision by at least 2 times? In fact, 87 percent of rear-end collisions occur because the driver wasn’t paying attention. Luckily, at Becker Body Shop we are PPG Paints and I-Car Grabber Certified when it comes to repairs. You can feel good about putting your car in our capable hands when an accident occurs.

2. Speeding—Time, we’re all searching for more of it. When we’re running late, we attempt to regain the extra moments we spent in front of the mirror or on our phones by picking up the pace behind the wheel. Whether we’re running behind for an appointment or in a rush to pick the kids up from school, we’ve all been guilty of speeding one time or another. Which brings us to our second most common cause of accidents— speeding. When driving too fast, it takes longer to react appropriately to traffic cues, other motorists, and road obstructions, all which then increase the risk of greater-impact collisions. If an accident was to occur, at Becker Body Shop we provide manufacturer’s approved auto body repairs as quick and painless as possible.

3. DUI—According to the Insurance Information Institute, intoxicated drivers are responsible for nearly 30 percent of all traffic fatalities, totaling approximately 10,000 in the United States each year. Driving under the influence can impair your reaction time, coordination, concentration, comprehension, vision, and tracking skills. Plan before you party, it’s that simple. Your life isn’t worth the risk—and while we can repair your vehicle at Becker Body Shop, we cannot repair the life-long damage caused by drunk driving.

4. Aggressive Driving—It’s no secret that driving can be frustrating. Traffic, road construction, and everyday stress is enough to test your patience and push any driver over the edge into aggressive driving or even road rage. This can lead to speeding, merging without signaling, switching lanes erratically, actively participating in dangerous driving behavior, and at extreme, your car ending up in Becker Body Shop’s collision repair garage.

5. Fatigue—As a result of the balancing act we consider everyday life, many of us don’t get enough sleep, between full time jobs, hobbies, children, relationships, etc. This brings us to our fifth cause of car crashes all over the country— driving while fatigued and drowsy. According to the CDC, the average adult needs seven or more hours of sleep each night, but more than a third of adults don’t get the sleep they need. To put it into perspective, a sleep-deprived driver is just as dangerous as an intoxicated driver. Hit the hay before you hit the road, we don’t need the business that bad!

If you have been the victim of a traffic collision and need a collision repair center, body shop, or auto body painting service, call Dave Aucker today at 570.743.5882 to request an estimate today. Our Auto Body Technicians pride themselves on making the auto restoration process easy and understand that life doesn’t stop when your car is in for repairs. That’s why we even offer loaner vehicles to all our customers. That way, you can have peace-of-mind, while the experts at our shop breathe life back into your vehicle. No matter the circumstances, Becker Body Shop is your full-service solution in Hummels Wharf, PA!