Tips on How to Take Care of Your Car’s Paint Job

Getting a new paint job is exciting, makes your car shine, and has you feeling great about driving it. However, because your car will spend most of its time out on the road, keeping that paint looking brand new can be difficult. Here are our tips on how to help your paint job last:

Wash your car often.

Washing your car helps keep debris and liquids from eating away at your paint. Be sure to use a soap that is meant for car washing. After a nice wash, dry your car using towels also made for cars. When you let your car air dry, it allows the minerals in the water to harm the paint.

Wax After the Wash.

Wax is a protective layer that guards the paint against dirt, pollen, water, and other things that may end up on your car. Wax is also good for covering up any small blemishes on your car’s body.

Park in the Shade.

If you don’t have a garage, try parking in a shady spot. The UV Rays can oxidize and fade the paint, making it look older and worn out.

Bring it to Becker.

If it’s too late and your paint job is faded, chipped, or worn out, or you need to restore your entire car, bring it to Becker Body Shop! We only use PPG paint on all our car painting jobs. PPG is the leading automotive refinishing paint, providing excellent durability and color matching. All our technicians go through an annual training to assure that the best quality work is done to your vehicle. Call Dave today to schedule your FREE estimate at 570.743.5882!