Let’s all agree that the best way to protect yourself and your car during a snowstorm is to eliminate all unnecessary travel. However, we know that sometimes you have places to be or a storm can come unpredicted. Here are our tips on how to drive safely and avoid accidents when driving in winter weather:
Keep a winter emergency travel kit in your car. Being prepared for winter is the first step to staying safe on the road in case there’s a road shutdown or your car breaks down. Your kit can include battery booster cables, ice scrapers, a portable shovel, a spare cell phone charger, unperishable goods, water bottles, and blankets.

Keep your gas tank at least half full. Gas in your car isn’t just for driving, it can keep you warm if there are road delays or closures during inclement weather. Having enough gas in your car ensures you won’t be completely stranded in bad weather.

Slow down and increase the following distance. When snow and ice are involved, it takes longer for your car to stop. Increasing your distance between other cars it protects you from bumping into them and gives you more time to respond if they were to slide or stop.

Avoid sudden stops and starts. Slamming on the brakes can easily cause your car to lose traction and slide out of control. Slamming on the gas can do just the same and cause your tires to rut into the snow and become stuck.

If you become stranded, don’t leave the car. Staying in your car until help arrives keeps you protected from the cold. Make sure the tailpipe is clear and run your car every hour or so and crack the downwind window to keep the circulation of fresh air.

Come to Becker Body Shop. When it comes to unpredictable winter weather, damage to your vehicle’s body can be just as unpredictable. Whether another vehicle bumps into you or you slide into an object, we’ll be here with over 55 years of business to make your vehicle look new again! Call us today at 570.743.5882 to schedule your FREE estimate with Dave!