It’s inevitable that your car loses its off-the-lot luster over the years. Whether that be due to a severe storm, a traffic collision, or natural wear and tear – Becker Body Shop takes pride in reinCARnation. While there is no standard on when to paint your car, having your vehicle painted is an undertaking that can bring a lot of satisfaction. Not only will your car look like new, but its exterior durability can also be significantly enhanced. Here are three benefits when investing in a new paint job:

  1. Improve the Look – The first and most obvious benefit of them all is the overall ease on the eyes. If you want to fall in love with your car all over again, a restorative paint job can feel like you’re leaving the showroom floor the SECOND time.
  2. Prevent Rust – Paint protects the body of your vehicle by helping to prevent corrosive damage. Paint scratches, no matter the size, can lead to rust due to the loss of protective coating, making it easy for water to seep in and cause oxidation. Neglecting this can cause increased damage and threaten the structural integrity of the car all together.
  3. Increase the Value – If you plan to sell your car, a new paint job can increase the value by a long shot. It shows you took care of it! With a crisp new paint job, you could up your asking price and catch more eyes.

Our staff works exclusively with PPG paints, the leading automotive refinishing paint, on all customer vehicles to provide excellent durability and color matching. The open road can be a harsh and unforgiving place – Let Becker Body Shop be the exception. Call for a FREE estimate today at 570.743.5882.