Common Repairs We See Everyday

We meet our best customers by accident, and we’ve seen a fair share of damage done to a variety of vehicles. When it comes to common auto body shop repairs, there is no better place to bring your vehicle for body repair than the experts at Becker Body Shop. Whether you’re just curious or have some damage that needs an auto body repair done, here is our list of the most common auto body shop repairs we do in our auto body repair shop.

5. Fender Benders

Don’t confuse your fender for your bumper. The bumper is the plastic covering, while the fender is the metal framing the wheel well. Many fender benders happen when a car is rear-ended, or there is a collision, but sometimes people mistake what gear they are in and end up flying backward into something when they are meant to drive forwards. This collision repair is important because it can damage your tires, mess with your alignment, and screw up your steering. You don’t want to explain that mistake to your car insurance or the auto body! The sooner you take care of your fender damage, the less the repair cost.

4. Busted Bumpers

As mentioned before, bumpers are plastic coverings that protect your vehicle from damage. This means they are usually the first to see that damage. We see a lot of cracks, scrapes, and bends in the auto body repair shop from making contact with other cars in a collision, deer, or objects that you couldn’t see when backing up. It doesn’t take much to damage your bumper, so always check it anytime you bump into something to make sure you don’t need an auto repair bumper repair from a collision repair shop.

3. Cracked Windshields

Hail damage, rocks, collisions, tree limbs, and maybe even a golf ball or two can crack or completely shatter a vehicle’s windshield. We can’t stress enough that it’s best to repair even the smallest of cracks as early as possible because they will get worse over time and you end up needing a total glass repair. Make sure you get into the auto body fast if you see any damage to your windshield.

2. Scratched Paint

We’ve seen just about every scenario that’s led to someone needing a paint touch-up or a complete re-do. When your car gets a scratch or needs collision repair, it compromises the paint job on the car, which will lead to rust and chipping if left untreated. It’s not only objects or people that can scrape up your paint, rocks, and dirt on your travels can also eat away at it.

1. Damaging Dents

It’s no surprise that dents are the number one most common repair and most common auto body damage we see in the auto repair shop. Dents can happen to anyone at any time with practically anything. From tiny ding damage left behind from someone’s kid hitting your car with their car door in the grocery shop parking lot to getting into a car accident at an intersection: a dent is a dent. For as easy as they are to do, it’s great that they are easy to repair.

If your car has any of the following in this list, it’s time to bring it to Becker! We’ve done these repairs so much we could probably do them with our eyes closed (don’t worry, we won’t try), so trust us to bring you the best quality repairs and the best-quality service. Call us today at 570.743.5882 to schedule your FREE estimate and learn more about how we’ll give you a FREE loaner car while yours is in the shop!