Beat the Heat Before it Beats Up Your Car

Did you know the hottest day ever recorded in Pennsylvania was on July 10th, 1936? The temperature climbed to a sizzling 111 degrees! You certainly don’t want to be caught out sitting in that heat all day, but for our cars it’s a different story. If you don’t have the luxury of a temperature-controlled garage, the heat can cause lots of issues for your vehicle. Be sure to follow along with our guide on how to keep up with your car’s maintenance during the summer months so you don’t end up in the shop.

Engine Maintenance

A very common issue in the summer is having your engine overheat. Be sure to top off appropriate engine fluids because they tend to evaporate in higher temperatures. Your car’s coolant levels are especially important during the summer because that’s what keeps your car cool!

Air Conditioning

It’s best practice to check your air conditioning before the hot days arrive. A broken AC might need refrigerant to get it working again or you might need to see a mechanic. If your AC is working well, move onto replacing or cleaning your air filters. Dirty, old filters can cause problems with the air conditioning, so it’s a good idea to change your air filter every year.


Those cold winter days can do damage to your tires. Be sure to check your air pressure before you head out on that long beach trip drive. Check your owner’s manual for correct PSI (pounds per square inch). Be sure not to under or over fill the tire; having the right pressure can keep a flat tire or blowout from happening. You might also want to consider rotating your tires to maximize their lifespan.

Windshield Wipers

The summer months bring more than just heat. Pollen, dust, and bugs can quickly collect on your windshield. Not having effective windshield wipers to remove this gunk can affect your vision. Additionally, if your windshield wipers aren’t working well they won’t do you much good in the summer thunderstorms either. Take the time to inspect your wipers performance and replace when necessary.
Even if you do follow these steps and maintain your car, accidents still happen! If you unfortunately end up in an accident this summer and your vehicle needs repaired be sure to bring it to Becker! Becker Body Shop’s technicians pride themselves on making the auto restoration process as painless as possible. We’ll even loan you a FREE car while we work on yours. No matter the circumstances, Becker Body Shop is your full-service solution in Hummels Wharf, PA!